Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Well blogger world, we meet again. My past blogger encounters have generally been fueled by a class requirement and were short lived. This time around, I am hoping I can pick up being a "big bad blogga"as an official hobby and I can rest easy knowing my professor will not be reading this and grading me for my spelling errors and or lack of consistency in thoughts (which I apologize for in advance) I have a tendency to randomly blurt out thoughts mid conversation so I am predicting that will be happening as well here as I journal my everyday thoughts. 

In reference to my title... for those of you that have seen the movie What's Eating Gilbert Grape, the "What's eating" is commonly known as slang for "what's bothering" or "concerning." The film's plot gravitates around the main character Gilbert (a young Johnny Depp) that feels unsatisfied with his life for various reasons. At the end of them film he finds peace and understanding, and the film concludes leaving the viewer with a pretty powerful message. The blog title seemed fitting because I currently fall into the 20-year-old "child adult" category and my last name is Gilbert. I'm really cheesy and corny. I've found myself at the half way mark in my college career and have began to receive the dreaded questions of what life may hold after the "best four years of my life" conclude. Well, to be honest, that is a big fat question mark. And although that is scary, I know nothing in life is ever written out for you. You have to figure it out as you go. And that is something I hope to do as I emark on my amateur blogging career. 

 I've never been much of a journaler, and have forgotten the logins to all of my adolescent electronic journal's logins such as myspace, xanga, etc. After discovering my tumblr from high school today, I decided why not start my own electronic journal now? Though it may be boring to some, and I will never EVER post the link on other social medias, I know my future self will thank me and pat me on the pack someday as I read some of my "20-something thoughts" and laugh at what a naive idiot I was. Life may not be written out for me.. but there's nothing stopping me from writing about my life as I go. 

Anyways, as I blog I will share some of my daily thoughts and interests and I promise not all will be "what's bothering" me haha. Some of my posts may have nothing to do with my personal life, and might just be some funny, inspiring, or interesting things I have come across. My main attraction to blogs has always been a writer's honesty and wit that you can detect within their posts. I hope as I continue to blog I can make my readers laugh (if I even have any) and appreciate what I have to say. There is something so relaxing about just releasing thought and emotion, and being a journalism student I think this experience will challenge my comfort zone. If anyone is reading this, I hope you haven't rolled your eyes yet and thought to yourself "this girl is so full of it" because I have done that myself reading other blogs. Especially when I've read a blog that has been visibly constructed to make the writer seem so much more "deep and intellectual" than those reading it. I HATE THAT, and vow to never publish a post with that goal in mind. I hope like I said in the beginning of my post, that blogging helps me to grow and increase my own creativity by sharing relatable thoughts and reading what others have to say out there in the blogger world. Sorry again, to those that are grammatically inclined like my mother, and have been driven crazy by run-on sentences and randomness. Maybe my time here on blogger will improve that aspect of my writing, too! Thanks for reading and I'll be back. (Terminator voice)